I want to tank everyone who prayed that I would be used. I didn’t do much work but I think I was used significantly. It started when my wife (AKA Danika Patrick) drove Brad, Teren and me to the airport saving just enough minutes to catch our flight.
I wore many hats on this trip. Saturday I played nanny so the team could have a planning meeting. Babysitting isn’t as difficult as I’d imagined. I just let the kids do anything they wanted as long as it was not life threatening. Sunday allowed me to move tables and chairs and get my first opportunity to drive in Haiti. Well, me driving on the MEBSH property is like your 12 year old moving the car from the east parking lot to the west lot and telling everyone he drove in Michigan. 
You’ve already heard about my opportunity to serve as “garcon.” Monday and Tuesday I was able to listen in on the men’s portion of the marriage conference which was very beneficial to me as a husband. 

Wednesday everyone on the team met with the MEBSH board and I was able to give my input to the goat farm based on my experience working on a farm as a teenager way back in the early 1970s. On the way back Pastor Jean stopped at the
local hardware store to build a 5’x9’ frame. The hardware store surprisingly had a good variety of tools and hardware. However, we still had to go across the street to get the 16’ boards cut to fit in the truck. I’m sure the Haitians
could have carried them on a  motorcycle taxi but we Americans tend to be a little more cautious. 

Wednesday evening we had a prayer meeting with the missionaries (in English). After that I borrowed a hammer, saw, nails and square from Sean the missionary (a fellow packers fan) to build a frame for Christy’s painting. She didn’t need it built until 9 AM on Thursday so I started early. The ladies were very pleased and really had me thinking I could become a carpenter. Jeremie wanted to know why there were so many bent nails. 
Thursday and Friday allowed me to get some exercise by moving tables and chairs again. I also heard more good teaching from Brad and Rich. Whoever coined the phrase, “The patience of a saint,” must have been talking about
Haitian saints. The men’s conference started “about” 9 AM and they didn’t get a lunch break till 3 PM and not even a water break till 1 PM.
I earned my second nickname Friday night driving the ladies to their evening sessions: James, as in, “Home James.”
Saturday was a typical relaxing day in Haiti. We were going to visit Pierre’s sister in the country. First, we went
to the ATM (All Three Men) to exchange US dollars for Haitian gourdes. We pulled to the side of a very busy street and Pierre did business with 3 different men, 1 on his side and 2 on the passenger side. Then we stopped for gas. Think of an ant hill or bees nest. After traversing some rugged terrain to get out of the station we were back on the road and headed for the country. 
Soon we were on a new and uncongested road and enjoying a side of Haiti that we had not seen. Unfortunately, our vehicle broke down and we had to return to the guest house.
Today, Sunday, we were able to worship with a church that we had not previously visted. After another fantastic meal with Pierre’s parents we are back at the guest house organizing and packing for tomorrow’s return to Michigan.
Teren asked us each to write a blog early on in the trip. I told her I flunked English (true) and couldn’t do it. I don’t know if she specifically did it so that I could hear but a few minutes later she was telling someone about her translator who says, “Yes, I will,” and then figures out how to do it. I felt guilty. But not guilty enough to write a blog. Then as each person
contributed their blog, they looked more and more professional. I thought, surely, no one will want to hear my ramblings. I should have gone early so I wouldn’t have had to write so much. Now, my only questions is: “Does this excuse
me from having to speak at the next members meeting?”


Colette Dorman
08/26/2013 12:37am

No, you are not excused...ha. But you did a great job on your blog! I'm so challenged by your attitude of service. Thank you, James/Guy/Chuck

Andrea Cork
08/26/2013 1:18am

Awesome blog post! I am with you on the public speaking though. It's torture for me! Rich says our next dinner dates are you & Linda. But don't expect me to serve goat!

Joyce Zaldivar
08/28/2013 8:54pm

Chuck, enjoyed your blog....Speaking in public or reading for a group is not my thing either..You did great!

Cathy (Coco) Williams
08/29/2013 11:48am

Great job Uncle Chuck, I too have never been a fan of public speaking or reading, but through service work I have been doing I have grown accustom to it. Believe it or not I find myself even enjoying it at times as long as it's for a smaller group.
I admire your dedication to service work.

Melinda (Punky) Erickson
08/29/2013 7:03pm

Great job Uncle Chuck. Now I know what you're doing with your retirement, excellent choice helping others.

08/30/2013 10:49pm

Thank you for the board, I did not know you did it. I did not see the bent nails. Yesterday I passed by the Bible school and I saw the board with the painting and it reminded me of Christy. Now I know when I see it, it's not only Christy but the builder also. Thank you dear brother. You served the ladies also by making the board. Thanks a lot and God bless you.



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