First of all, I have no idea how Cliff finds time to post every day while he is on a trip! The week has been so busy that beyond the first 2 days I have struggled to sit and post. I will try to fill in some gaps.
Sunday Night

After a very full day at the marriage banquet, Pastor Jean said,
“I am heading back to the church for Pierre, do you want to come?” I said yes. I
had been driving our rental truck around on the grounds, moving people and
stuff. Pastor Jean knew this and asked if I wanted to drive. Part of me wanted
to just to experience what driving really was like – imagine NASCAR (slower
speed) on a tight track with motorcycles, bikes, carts and people filling the
gaps. Though I was hoping for getting close to the people of Haiti, I decided it
would be better to not do it with a

When we arrived, Pierre was still preaching or answering
  questions and was animated and filled with energy provided by the Holy
  Spirit…it was a blessing to see. He is not a sort spoken man here. He is a
  gifted communicator…it is evident in the eyes of the Haitian brothers and

Monday & Tuesday

 Jerry did a great job speaking about the gospel in relation to marriage. He also connected with the people, which was fun to watch. He was also the same old Jerry (and I mean old in every way) joking around, providing counsel, shepherding us – all on very little sleep. If you are unaware, Jerry
  struggles to sleep in settings like this…noise in the background, stray light,  Chris breathing (Chris was his roommate), that type of thing. In the evening we prayed that God would speak powerfully and lift the veil of darkness caused by voodoo and the like…except for around Jerry’s room – keep the volume down and the darkness in place (its ok to get rid of the voodoo, just not the darkness!). All kidding aside, God used Jerry with power thru his word and deed, a great example of not mplaining in the midst of difficulty and pressing on for the sake of the Gospel…we miss you

 I was able to present how God loves an adulterous bride (Ez 16) with the men on Monday which they were very receptive of: seeing how understanding our failures in the midst of God’s faithfulness can empower us to love a sinful bride brought hope. 

By the way, Rich and I are officially pastors! The Haitians were kind in their respect for teachers, the title of pastor is given to teachers. Pierre let them know that we were lay teachers, but we still received the title of pastor more than once. Rich also presented a sermon in Pastor Jean’s church
Monday night. Though the crowd was on the smaller side 50 people or so the word was faithfully preached. Rich was a bit nervous (wouldn’t you be if the first time you preached, it was after a full day, to a crowd you didn’t know, in a language you didn’t speak), but God used him. He was a little discouraged, but realized that this was just another attempt for Satan to remove his joy and attempt to convince him that he was not the right man for the job.

 Tuesday Rich bounced right back and did an excellent job, helping the men see some of the practical ways men are called to lead in their home (family worship, intercessory prayer, etc). His confidence was in the Lord, and his joy beautiful to watch.

I have to pause and say one more thing here about Rich, this guy loves his family. He has such a deep love for his wife and daughters. Have no doubt Cork crew that your daddy/husband loves you and thinks of you constantly. What a cool thing to see in the midst of a marriage conference! 

Jerry did too by the way. He was always gushing about Colette (we all love you Colette, but Jerry loves you more…all the Haitians know it now too). I even saw Pierre blush a few times while translating (not an easy thing to do!). I also had to share in my session that at least one Berean couple does sin against one another, just to balance out things a bit. So I shared a bit about the Broses, Williams, and Caveliers…you didn’t think I was going to share about Teren and I did you?

 Jerry preached Tuesday night, again with power and spirit, though he had slept so little. God is so good!

 One further side note before I sign off for now. It has been a delight to see God work in the midst of constant change. Mike Mumford reminded me to pan on “flexure” and boy have we seen it. Change has been the constant. Meal times changed, sometimes there were chairs available, forums have flexed, sessions shifted, cut, or added to - but God has been faithful throughout. 
Oh…one more constant: heat and humidity. I think the Hatians have fun with us and dress up for these meetings just to see us sweat! (not really – they are sharp dressers!) I am also not sure if you know this…Pierre never told me…you do not need to pee in Haiti. It is impossible to drink enough water. I am pretty sure I drink a gallon of water minimum per day and I am never looking for
a bathroom except to fill my water bottle. If you do not have a drink after an  hour, your mouth becomes pasty and you are looking for any opportunity to drink. It makes me think of how this is the way we should feel as Christians, how we should crave the Bridegroom. One day we will never be lacking. I look forward to the day when we (both us and our Haitian brothers and sisters) are before the throne of God…completely satisfied!
Rev 7:15-17
 "Therefore they are before the throne of God,  and serve him day and night in his temple;
 and he who sits on the throne will shelter them with his presence. They shall hunger no more,
neither thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any scorching heat. For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of  living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."

Cliff Buttermore
08/25/2013 8:45am

Thank you for all the blogs...I enjoyed reading them and I rejoice that you are being used, you are learning much, and I believe you are growing in Christ even as you help others grow in the grace He has bestowed upon us abundantly in Jesus Christ.

Colette Dorman
08/25/2013 10:32pm

Thank you Brad (and all who contributed over the past days) for your "labor of love" in writing these blogs!! It was such a blessing to read about ALL the Lord is doing in your lives and in the lives of the Haitian believers. It was also such a blessing to read about how much I am loved (I have to admit, I already knew that :) ) I would have payed money to see Pierre blush! Tomorrow is your travel home day...Jerry and I will be praying all day...because you will be traveling ALL day :). Can't wait to see you all. With much love and thanksgiving, Colette


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