In November of 2012 Thabiti concluded a series of posts about preaching with the following helpful summary. As we head out this week for 10 days of preaching and teaching ministry, this is how we are praying. Will you join us?

"Resolving to know only Christ and Him crucified is the only way to cut the tentacles of worldly wisdom attached to our preaching. Resolving to know only Christ means five things:

  • Preaching with Christian ethos—humility, dependence and confidence in the gospel of our Lord;
  • Preaching with Christian pathos—sympathy and shepherding concern;
  • Preaching with Christian logos—Christ our wisdom, the organizing and governing knowledge of the universe;
  • Preaching Christ for a demos—trying to form a nation, a holy people; and
  • Preaching Christ with a telos—to see everyone fully conformed to the Lord

08/13/2013 3:43pm


Clifford Buttermore
08/16/2013 8:26am

Thinking about you all and praying for a God-honoring trip. Know that He has gone before you and prepared the way. He decreed before the foundations of the world that you all would participate and be used to accomplish His purposes. Preach, teach, love and serve in that knowledge.


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