On Sunday morning we attended the church that meets in the upstairs of Pierre's parent's home. They invited us for dinner after church -- this was before the banquet. We had a wonderful meal and delightfully smooth Haitian coffee -- which was worth drinking even though we were dripping with sweat!

Pierre's father is not in good health so our visit with him was short. But, we were truly honored to meet this man who has so faithfully walked with God. Someday, hopefully soon, Rich is going to write about the thoughts that were going through his head as we visited with this man who has so faithfully served the Lord for so many years. Feel free to facebook Rich and let him know that you are waiting for the real post!

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    A written record of the work of God among the people of God in Haiti as members of Berean Baptist Church in Livonia, MI work with the leadership of MEBSH in Les Cayes, Haiti.


    August 2013

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