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I thank God for his faithfulness in providing for all our needs. He gave us peace when we were anxious. He gave us strength when our strength was failing. He gave us hope and faith to endure when the weight of the task at hand seemed overwhelming.

I thank God for our pastor Jerry. God has given him a passion to teach others about marriage in our church and he used him in a mighty way in Haiti, an unfamiliar territory to teach men and women about marriage according to the Bible. The truth he shared and the manner in which he presented the material indeed had a great impact on many couples. Thank you Jerry for the sacrifice you made to join our team.

I thank God for Brad. Brad has been very instrumental in demonstrating to the men how to love their wives. This was also for many the first time they saw themselves as the woman described in Ezekiel 16 in need of grace and a savior. He also reenacted the story in Esther, bringing it to life again and showing that Christ was at the center of it all. Brad, I thank God for the giftedness he has bestowed upon you in teaching the Word with humility and grace.

I thank God for Teren. God has showered his grace upon her so that she could deliver His message of grace and hope to the ladies. She brought submission and respect to the light of the gospel encouraging them to follow the model of Christ. What a blessing it has been for all of them!  What a blessing to hear how they have realized that Jesus was the bread of life through the book of Ruth. Thank you Teren for your love for the Word and your great desire to share it with others.

I thank God for Rich. Rich has given the men practical ways to lead their home. In the faces of the men we were teaching, I witnessed (through body language) the priorities of their hearts begin to shift and change from providing material needs to their families to providing spiritual leadership to their families. My heart was also blessed to see how many have identified themselves with Hamaan in the story of Esther. Thank you Rich for the sacrifice you and your family have made to join our team.

I thank God for Christie, Chuck, and Chris. Your individual contributions in exercising your gifts to serve God, the Haitian people and our team were very well appreciated. The paintings, the testimonies, the pictures, and the support you provided were part of God’s plan to make this trip a success. Christie, your brush was an aperitif that prepares the soul for the Word. Chris, you saved the moment for those who were not there and for all of us to ponder over even in the years to come. Chuck, you have been an anchor to me. I’d like you to come again next time.
I thank God for my wife Sherri and our children – All of these years they have supported me to bring about this dream that God has laid on my heart. You have given up our vacation days, weekends, and other family fun-time to allow me to work in this ministry. Sherri is God’s gift to me and a good partner in this ministry. I praise God for the time and love you pour into Levanjil. I thank you for buying the gifts and distributing them to the women. You brightened the lives of the ladies and made them feel special and comfortable with the rest of the team. It is because of your love and touch that others have opened their house to us. One lady told me that she admired your patience with the kids. Someone else said that we were the right composition for the role that we were playing in both the US and Haiti. God knew what he was doing when he put us together. I thank God for the opportunity I had to share this Levanjil team experience with you and the kids.

Pastor Jerry reminded us the night we landed in Cayes that the goal of the trip was not just a mission outreach endeavor but also and certainly was for God to transform us to the likeness of His Son, Jesus-Christ. His work was effective in my life through this trip. As I went over the 10 days the team spent in Haiti, I was grateful that God has provided for us in every way. I was comforted to hear that everyone made it safely home and that their families were also doing well. I was grateful for the different bonds and trusts that have developed with the leaders, partners in ministry, and family. I was humbled by the positive and not so positive results. God has revealed to me that I needed the same gospel that I was preaching to the Haitian people. God has transformed me deeply through this trip experience.

I am thankful for Pastor Jean Admettre and Marie-Lucie Jeune who planned, promoted, and coordinated these activities. Your work will not be in vain. God will reward you.

I am thankful for those you have helped in different ways: the Berean women, who have made the bookmarks and prayed for us, our Berean body for holding the rope for us and faithfully praying, Sean for his caring advice, the Admettres and Emiles’ children, Caleb and Dorcas Ministries, 3rd Baptist Church in Cayes, the missionaries who have contributed tables and chairs, the cooks and the landlords. God is faithful to reward his children according to his riches and grace.

My dad is the doyen of MEBSH, the oldest living pastor of the denomination. He represents all the people God has used in the past to prepare the way for such an event. I am thankful for them. I have never been introduced or given the opportunity to speak to any event without someone referring to him as my father. I cannot begin to tell you the joy I felt when I heard him say: “I pray that I live long enough to see those changes” in the leaders, the churches, the families, and the communities in Haiti as the Gospel is preached faithfully. That is my prayer too. But this work is God’s work and we may not see its end. What a delight to trust a sovereign God!

I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,   my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,  my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18.1-2)


mary jane pittman
09/03/2013 2:42am

I loved to hear about your trip to Haiti.Sandy told me you were over their.I am so thankful to God for your team.I am so glad you are in our family.I am so proud of you.I know you are a man after Gods heart.He will use you to change Haiti.Keep us informed of your needs for the ministry,and personal needs too. We hope to see you in Oct.We would like to spend some one on one with you two to hear what God is showing you, and doing in your life. Love aunt M.J.


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