from Christy....
I am staying in the pink room at the guest house, room number 5.
Adorning my walls are two prints of Port au Prince in which the photographer was
careful in the execution of perspective.

As an artist I would say I have an understanding of perspective. When
perspective is used correctly, one can depict volume and spatial relationship on
a flat surface. Furthermore, the Latin word perspectus means to see clearly. And
I’ve CLEARLY been hanging with Teren too long! 

My role in this mission’s trip was to give an artistic visual tool in
order to solidify the objective of Teren’s messages. I’ve spent many hours in
preparation for this trip but I was not prepared for this lesson in

 My education began immediately after landing with our drive from Port
au Prince to Cayes. My brain raced with visual overload. Everywhere your eye
could see people moved on all different modes of transportation. The colorful
painting of a single tap-tap would have been enough to gaze upon and observe its
multitude of color and pattern, but pile twenty Hatians in it watch it zig-zag
through speeding traffic free from rules and this girl could not find focus. 
My emotions were stirred instantly. All of a sudden the images of
destruction and poverty from my flat-screen TV became three-dimensional reality.
My perspective was changing and not in the right way. I allowed fear to creep
in, “How is what I’ve prepared going to change anyone’s condition?” “There is
too much destruction, where would we begin?”

 When I am confronted with chaos a deep need in the very core of my
being longs for order. As bus bounced along the path they called a road my focus
fixed on the disorder and my lack of ability to bring change. My eyes could not see beyond the
Thankfully my lesson didn’t end with my eyes focused on life under the
sun. As I became submersed in the Haitian culture I was able to spot hints of
beauty amongst the chaos. My days were filled with opportunities to serve and to
be served. My vision, although still blurry, began to clear. 

Monday everything fell into place for me when Teren spoke on submission
to the ladies at the marriage conference. She decided to scrap her script and
trust in the Holy Spirit to guide her talk and I’m glad she did. Jesus never
disappoints. I sat alone, off to the side, in the front of the church. Teren
began to engage the women and I transcribed the questions and responses. I
found myself flooded with tears as I documented the discussion. I realized that
these ladies have the same struggles I do. They find humor in the same things I
do. And they hurt like I do. Through those tears God clarified my sight. He
plucked me out of my seat and placed me at the foot of the cross. 
Instantly I could see clearly that I am not going to change
Haiti. I don’t have the means to do that but what I have, I will freely give.
Mine is the good news that once I was  blind but now I see. It is my privilege to
 invite my new Haitian friends to join me at the foot of the cross. There is no better view.   

Cliff Buttermore
08/21/2013 7:14pm

I am not an artist nor am I an expert on culture but I say a hearty AMEN and PRAISE THE LORD to your blog. It is a good thing to come to the end of ourselves and find God waiting and willing to do what He promised all along. I thank you for writing, "I don't have the means to do that but what I have, I freely give." Thank you for giving this week and writing today. We will keep praying and thanking the Lord for His work there and in all your hearts.

Colette Dorman
08/21/2013 10:17pm

Bravo Christy, my friend....beautifully said. I'm so proud of you! But even more than that, I'm so thankful for the work that the Lord has done and is doing in your life. I can't wait to hear even more about the "perspective" that you gain during the remainder of your trip. LOVE and prayers!

08/22/2013 10:54pm

Christy, I struggle to find words. This was beautiful. Thank you my precious friend. When I think back to the first time we met 17 years ago, I can't believe that we have now been on a missions trip together...Who woulda thought...


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