"How do you practice biblical submission without feeling diminished?" That was the first question in our ladies Q&A. It was asked by the delightful young gal in the phot above. She and her husband celebrated their first wedding anniversary by attending the marriage conference. She is a kindred spirit. She voiced for all of us one of the greatest struggles of submission. 

What a privilege it was to help these women see how very alike we are. We have common fears. Common sin struggles. And can know redemption because of a common Savior!  Berean women, thank you for praying for me! (Teren)The experience of teaching these women was like none I've ever had before. God answered your prayers and teaching through translation was delightful! (I promise we'll get a photo of Marie-Lucie before we leave. She just works so hard and moves so fast that she hard to capture with a camera!) Thanks Colette and Karen for your helpful advice. I scrapped the transcript and taught from the depths of my heart. The talks would probably never pass any tests for speech-making, but God did use them to bind my heart and these ladies' hearts to our common Savior. They passed the test for friendship-making.

The Q&A time in yesterday's session revealed a lot of pain in the ladies' lives. I felt like I wanted to share with them how to pray a lament. Most of these ladies will not be there when I teach that session on Thursday. So I asked them if they would like me to share that with them instead of the session on respecting your husband that I had planned. The concensus was that they wanted both! So we punted. Last night we found a posterboard and Christy painted a background. The two subjects fit together perfectly and this group of ladies so appreciated those five steps. The sessions are very interactive, they were loud and fun. We laughed a lot! And their joyful response to the glorious reminder of the soon-coming, all-powerful King united our hearts.
Gorgette's smile throughout the sessions was such an encouraging gift -- but she doesn't like to smile for the camera. She's the choir director in her church and her husband in the head of the men's ministry (Caleb) for the central district of MEBSH. We are looking forward to getting to know them better through through the rest of the week!

That's all for now...someone else will write soon....

colette dorman
08/21/2013 12:01am

Oh I'm so happy to hear of the work that God is doing!! I knew you (all) were going to be a blessing to those women...and BE BLESSED! Still praying in Michigan...keep up the blogging, I literally check by the hour :) Love to all!!

Maryann Hessling
08/21/2013 9:16am

So excited to hear how God is using you all in Haiti! Blessing to you!

Stacy Strumpfer
08/21/2013 11:16am

So good to see your faces! Praying for you all...that all you do will bring glory to God alone.


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