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As we drove to our destination (Le Cayes) on our first night, you have no doubt heard or read that we witnessed utterly devastating poverty.  Later that night during a team meeting, Teren admitted that she had to quietly ask herself the question "Is my God big enough for this"?  When I heard that, I had to ask myself - how do we define the "this" which God had to be big enough for?  I believe the apostle Paul answers the question for us.
Ephesians 3:6:  This mystery is that the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the same body, and partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel.
If the "this" is - can God SAVE Haitians and give them joy in the midst of their poverty...then the answer is...YES!   This gives me hope.  This makes me realize that our goal is not to relieve their poverty and difficulties in everyday life, but instead, give them Jesus - and the hope of the gospel!     Acts 3:6: But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you."  We did not bring silver and gold to the Haitians, but we did bring them the power of Jesus!  We repeated to them that the gospel changes people!  Their circumstances may never change, but their hope remains in tact because they trust in the One who reminds them that there is an inheritance that awaits them that He Himself is keeping! (I Peter 1:4)  This is true for us all!

Why did I go to Haiti?  I mean, what is the reason that 9 Berean members went (and still are) there?  Was it to just go and bring the Gospel and it's effect to these dear Haitians?  Yes. But why could we go with this hope and expectation in the first place?  Well, God went before us with a promise, a promise to reach them with His gospel!  A promise to never leave them or forsake them!  A promise of a future hope that awaits them!  How precious our God is to us all.

My friends, the Haitians are actually rich because God in His mercy extended the gospel to the Haitians!  This is awesome!  We were not there because WE are merciful, but because GOD was and is merciful!  We were simply going to be partakers of the promise God made to bring the gospel to all nations...long ago!

I cannot tell you how profound this experience was for me.  Even now my eyes grow moist as I recount how gracious God was to allow me the humbling experience of even going.  To see Haitians look at me and listen with ears and hearts wide open.  To have several of them tell me how much they needed to know the truth of God about marriage - and how it is a picture of the gospel. You may of heard that I had trouble sleeping, but I tell you without hesitation that I can't wait to return to my Haitian brothers and sisters!  I have never been struck by a missions endeavor to this depth.  My heart is overwhelmed.

Now I am safely returned to my home, but my teammates remain.  I urge you to pray for them as they complete their objective to reach Haitians with the sanctifying power of the gospel!  Christ is all!  To my fellow teammates...I miss you.  Serve well...serve with humility, and watch God work in your midst!  Yes Teren, your God is big enough!

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