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Never before have I so clearly seen my need for a mediator or been so very grateful to have one. At one point this weekend I got to the platform to speak to the ladies, I greeted them with one of the very few words that we
share: Bonjour. At that moment I turned to Marie-Lucie and she was gone. She’d been called away for a moment and there I was – speechless in a whole new way. The ladies laughed. I laughed. We shared the humor of the moment but the reality of our need put my weakness on display.
When Marie-Lucie returned I shared with the ladies how this need for a language translator magnified my need and gratitude for my mediator before the throne of God: Jesus Christ!  Additionally, the words of Romans 8 have never meant so much:
Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness.
For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself
intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. And he who searches hearts
knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the
saints according to the will of God.
Marie-Lucie is a godly servant leader who never stops moving. If she wasn’t translating my messages, she was off working, serving or organizing something. Christy and I tried to talk with the ladies – Christy’s French was a
life saver but our conversations were extremely limited. I longed to sit and hear their stories. I wanted to ask them about their families, their churches, their lives. I wanted to hear their dreams. But I could not. We shared hugs and
smiles and thanks. Cam Wolford’s advice is true: love is the same in every language. But I will admit – for this girl who loves words – my heart longed for the gift of tongues to redeem Babel’s curse.
When I was in middle school I had a good friend named Iona. Her smile lit the room. We went to church together and shared a friendly competition in our AWANA memory work. We went to my grandparent’s summer camps
and AWANA camps together. Iona’s smile lit the room. We entered high school and our paths went separate ways: I moved away, she married very young, had two children and when we were 21 her body was found in
bag in a field. I’ve shuddered at the pain she suffered and grieved over the friendship we lost. 
Remember Georgette from a previous post? I’ve never met anyone that reminded me so much of Iona. I’ve never so
badly wanted to communicate to someone. In one of the sessions Georgette gave a testimony and I got to see a little insight into her vibrant faith. That was a gift from God. This morning Brad preached at her church and Georgette and Marcel, her husband who is a Jack (deacon) prepared a light snack for us after lunch. And we visited a bit more. Christy, Gorgette and I all cried when we said good-bye. How is it that God knits hearts together even when words are not shared? It must be a little picture of our final redemption.

How we pray that God will continue to use this couple’s service for the glory of our Lord. And someday -- when we are totally free from this mixed-up language mess -- we will sing with one voice, one new song! Even so Lord Jesus, quickly come!


08/30/2013 10:38pm

I am sorry Teren, I did not give you the chance to talk to the ladies about their families. They would have loved that. It's true that I was always moving but I would have stopped for you to visit with the ladies. Next year I'll initiate some conversations with the ladies to share with you.


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